Beyond Mankind Designs

Digital & Traditional Art Services 

Looking for a unique, captivating logo, or maybe a new font style to match your company's new image or a custom backdrop for your concert venue? Noxx Media Group now offers in-house design services for your digital and traditional media needs. We've paired up with Beyond Mankind Designs and have over 30 artists to provide fresh concepts for your project. 


Is this Beyond Mankind Designs affiliated with BMK International? 

Yes! The group is led by Master Artist, Hassan Rashid of NYC. Mr. Rashid started his career as an urban artist in the mid 80s. He has painted, design, compiled and reconstructed over 10,000 art pieces internationally. Mr. Rashid has also been part of the fashion industry serving on design and creative marketing boards for urban fashion gear. He has also established multiple Members of BMK International focus on non-profit art engagement projects, whereas Beyond Mankind Designs services commercial needs.  


How many artists are in the talent pool? 

There are over 30 artists in the United States. 


What are the talent credentials of the artists?  

All artists that are part of the talent pool have a minimum of 15 years experience in each category: 

  • design theory 

  • practical art & application

  • multiple art media 

  • font creation  


What are some other areas of focus your artists offer? 

  • urban art

  • calligraphy 

  • topography 

  • mural

  • sculpting 

  • transitional art 

  • jewelry design